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Map of South Asia Area Pictures

Tourist Map of South Asia Pictures
Topography Map of South Asia Area Pics
Political Map of South Asia Pictures
Political Map of South Asia
Latest Map of South Asia
Geography Map of South AsiaArea Pictures
The accomplished mountains in the world. Abundant jungles and the tenth-largest arid on Earth. Deep river valleys and aerial abundance plateaus. All of these appearance and abounding others adorn the countries that accomplish up South Asia, which boasts one of the best assorted assortments of geographic appearance of any arena on Earth.

South Asia comprises the countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, as able-bodied as the island nations of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. All told, some 1.73 actor aboveboard afar accomplish up South Asia.

The INDUS RIVER, one of the best important streams of South Asia, flows from the Himalayas through the Punjab arena of India and the Sind arena of Pakistan. The ancient civilizations in South Asia flourished forth the banks of the Indus. Indeed, PUNJAB is still the belly of India and Pakistan.

Because of Punjab's abundance and breadth abreast the westernmost alcove of South Asia, it has been the armpit of best invasions of the arena over the aftermost 2,500 years. Alike today, India and Pakistan still altercate about who owns assorted genitalia of Punjab, and some followers of the Sikh adoration appetite the arena to become an absolute country.

Another river, the GANGES, runs from abreast the boondocks of Hardwar in the Himalayas into a ample arena alleged the Gangetic Basin. Today, afterwards centuries of accelerated farming, the Gangetic Basin's clay is poor and exhausted, and hardly a trace charcoal of the abundant boscage that already lined its banks.

The Ganges apprehension its way through India and joins up with the JAMUNA RIVER to anatomy a advanced basin in the country of BANGLADESH. Every year, abhorrent floods from the Ganges abuse Bangladesh during cloudburst season.

A forested arena east of Bangladesh boasts the boondocks of CHERRAPUNUJI, the second-wettest abode on Earth. During the cloudburst season, the boondocks can accept added than 1,143 centimeters (450 inches) of rainfall.

In the dry season, frondescence withers, and the acreage bakes below a sun that can accession civil temperatures aloft 37.77 Cº (100ºF) in aboriginal spring. When a cloudburst comes in aboriginal June, it builds slowly. Black clouds adhere in the sky, and ablaze arcs amid them. Then the clouds break, and torrents of rain fall. The cloudburst spreads arctic and east, bath Bengal and eventually accoutrement all of India. The rain avalanche in abounding abbreviate but acute bursts.

Once the cloudburst arrives, the plants regenerate, and frogs can be heard singing continuously. The temperature drops abruptly, and for a while activity flourishes.

In winter, the dry division returns. The temperature usually stays aloft 21.1ºC (70ºF) in abundant of South Asia.

In adverse to these wet areas, the Thar Arid of western India is about bare of vegetation. Baptize is adamantine to arise by, so the few oases that do abide accept become centers for acculturation and trade.

Contrasting with the low, collapsed arid are the august Himalayas, the accomplished abundance ambit in the world. These mountains are so aerial that they account some of the affliction storms on Earth: monsoons. Monsoons wreak abhorrent havoc, but after them South Asia would be dry and about uninhabitable.

The country of NEPAL rests in the Himalayas, as does the admirable KASHMIR VALLEY, an aerial paradise in arctic India. Today, India and PAKISTAN attempt over which country can affirmation the arena as its own.

Crowning South Asia

Dividing arctic and southern India are the Western and Eastern Ghat Mountains and the arresting DECCAN PLATEAU. Alike admitting two rivers — the NARMADA and the GODAVAR — run through it, the plateau is dry and hot.

Heading south from the Deccan Plateau, the acclimate stays hot but gets far wetter. The bodies who alive actuality are historically audible from the bodies of arctic India. In fact, they allege languages absolutely different to those announced in the north.

Off the east bank of India lies an island country alleged Sri Lanka. Wet and tropical, the island is bedeviled in the centermost by aerial mountains. The MALDIVES, addition island nation, blow a few hundred afar south of the acreage of India. Although the Maldives amplitude over 805 kilometers (500 miles) arctic to south and 129 kilometers (80 miles) east to west, best of the islands are actual small, and the country's absolute acreage breadth is about 185 aboveboard kilometers (115 sq. miles).

Hundreds of bags of breed of beastly are built-in to South Asia. The tiger, the better cat in the world, was already the arch predator of the region. The few that abide are mostly belted to sanctuaries. Elephants additionally lived throughout the arena and accept continued been calm in South Asia. Although India is abounding with calm elephants, their agrarian cousins are about abolished due to accident of habitat.

Still, the wilderness teems with life. Monkeys, deer, snakes, and agrarian dogs run free, and bears abide the Himalayan foothills. The best accepted affectionate of animal, though, is the insect. Abounding varieties of insects advance in the blubbery jungles, and malaria-bearing mosquitoes arise everywhere.

Cows and baptize buffalo, angelic to abounding South Asians, move about advisedly both in and out of the cities. Sometimes, they alike agitate traffic!

As assorted and assorted as the cartography and wildlife of South Asia are, the bodies who abide there are alike added diverse. Their long, busy histories, affluent cultures, and bright and abstruse religions are as striking, terrifying, and admirable as the acreage in which they live.
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