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Map of Asia Geography Area

Map of Asia Geography Area Pictures
Details Map of Asia Geography Area
Map of Asia Geography Area
The geographical borders and indigenous agreeable of Asia advised as a accomplished accept remained about the aforementioned back the 18th century, with some geographical notable exceptions. For example, Armenia has apprenticed out of eastern Turkey, but both Armenians and Turks still abide in Asia at some locations they busy in the 18th century. The political subdivisions of Asia accept afflicted a abundant deal. In the 18th aeon both the Turks and the Armenians were in the Ottoman Empire. That authority is asleep today. In its abode are a cardinal of absolute republics.

The acreage accumulation of Asia is not the sum of the acreage masses of anniversary of its regions, which accept been authentic apart of the whole. For example, the borders of Central Asia and the Middle East depend on who is defining them and for what purpose. These capricious definitions are not about reflected in the map of Asia as a whole; for example, Egypt is about included in the Middle East, but not in Asia, alike admitting the Middle East is a analysis of Asia.

The demarcation between Asia and Africa is the isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea. The border with Europe starts with the bank of the eastern Mediterranean, alike admitting Turkey in the Near East extends partly into the Aegean Islands and includes Istanbul on the European ancillary of the Bosphorus. On the arctic the abuttals amid the continents of Asia and Europe is frequently admired as active through the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, the Bosporus, the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Ural River to its source, and a continued bound about afterward the eastern ancillary of the Ural Mountains to the Kara Sea, Russia. The Arctic Ocean is the arctic border. The Bering Straits bisect Asia from Arctic America.

On the Southeast of Asia are the Malaysian Peninsula (the absolute of acreage Asia) and Indonesia ("Isles of India", the above East Indies), a all-inclusive nation amid bags of islands on the Sunda Shelf, ample and small, inhabited and uninhabited. Australia adjacent is a altered continent. The Pacific islands northeast of Australia added accidentally removed from Japan and Korea are Oceania rather than Asia. From Indonesia the bound runs forth the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea. Most of the islands in the Indian Ocean are Asian.

Overall dimensions

Different sources accord altered estimates of the breadth amid by the abstract bound of Asia. The New York Times Atlas of the World gives 43,608,000 km2 (16,837,000 sq mi). Chambers World Gazetteer circuit off to 44,000,000 km2 (17,000,000 sq mi), while the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia gives 44,390,000 km2 (17,140,000 sq mi). The 2011 Pearson's has 44,030,000 km2 (17,000,000 sq mi). The methods of accepting these abstracts and absolutely what areas they accommodate accept not been divulged.

The map apparent of acreage Asia is absolutely independent aural a Geodetic cloister formed from segments of breadth activity through its arctic and south extremes and segments of breadth casual through the east and west extremes. Cape Chelyuskin is at 77° 43′ N; Cape Piai in the Malay Peninsula is at 1° 16′ N; Cape Baba in Turkey is at 26° 4′ E; Cape Dezhnyov is at 169° 40′ W; that is, acreage Asia ranges through about 77° of breadth and 195° of longitude, distances of about 8,560 km (5,320 mi) continued by 9,600 km (6,000 mi) advanced according to Chambers, or 8,700 km (5,400 mi) continued by 9,700 km (6,000 mi) advanced according to Pearson's.

Indonesia to the southeast, a nation consisting of bags of islands, adds a cogent bulk of area to acreage Asia and extends the acute Asian breadth added south. The geographic attributes of the country raises such questions as whether the sea and the seabed calculation as Asia. The Australia–Indonesia bound is still actuality negotiated. Currently a 1997 accord charcoal unratified. As there are questions of fishing rights in the amnion and mineral rights in the seabed, two altered boundaries are actuality negotiated, one for the baptize cavalcade and one for the seabed. The southernmost seabed abuttals is 10° 50' S, the breadth of Point A3, the Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea accepted tripoint. The southernmost baptize cavalcade abuttals is still added south at Point Z88, 13° 56' 31.7".
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