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Asia Continent Area Map Pictures

Asia Continent Area Map Details Pictures
Asia Continent Area Map
Asia Continent Political Map
Asia Continent Political Map
Map of Asia Continent Pictures
Asia Continent Map Pictures
Map of Asia Continent PicturesAsia continent is a continent the largest in the region of this earth. Most of the apple is covered by water. Baptize is mostly ocean. All-inclusive ocean alleged the Ocean. Some added areas of the mainland. All-inclusive acreage alleged continents.

On apple there are several continents, the abstemious of Asia, Africa, Americas, Continental Europe, and Australia. Abstemious which is consistently covered by snow lies on the South Pole of the apple is the Antarctic continent. Continental Europe is a assiduity of the abstemious of Asia. Asia and Europe alleged the Abstemious of Eurasia (Europe and Asia). Consider the afterward Apple Map!

* Abstemious of Asia is the better abstemious in the world, which is about 44 actor aboveboard km.

* Astronomically abstemious of Asia amid amid 80 LU - 11 LS and 25 BT - 170 BT.

* Geographically, the boundaries of Asia are the following:

North: Arctic Ocean and North Sea

East: Pasikfik Ocean and Bering Strait

South: Indian Ocean

West: the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, the Ural River,

Ural Mountains.

· Location of ample abstemious of Asia: 1 amount 16 '- 77 degrees 41' N and

26 degrees 04 '- 169 degrees 40' East Longitude.

· Total all-inclusive abstemious of Asia covers about 44 actor aboveboard km.

· The boundaries of regions of Asia:

a. West: borders with Europe,

b. Northwest: Red Sea and the African Continent

c. South Indian Ocean

d. East: Pacific Ocean

e. North: Arctic Sea

· The continent of Asia are grouped into five areas, namely:
a. West Asia
b. East Asia
c. Central Asia
d. South Asia

* Continent of Asia Southeast Asia consists of:
a. West Asia,
b. South Asia,
c. Southeast Asia,
d. East Asia, and
e. Central Asia
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